1936 Pikes Peak Footrace

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By Matt Carpenter

Sunday, June 28, 1936 — 27 runners started the race.

Despite the naysayers the first road to the summit of Pikes Peak was completed in 1887. It took many tourist to the top for $1 each. After the COG railway opened in 1891 the carriage road was allowed to go to pieces. Nevertheless, on August 12, 1901 the first “Locomobile” made it to the top. Then, in July of 1913, a gasoline car made it to the top via the COG right of way — the automobile had come of age! With the backing of Spencer Penrose a new automobile highway was finished on July 16, 1916 using much of the old carriage road right-of-way. Just two months later (now that is proper planning) on September 5, 1916 the first Pikes Peak Hill Climb auto race was held and was a huge success. By 1925 car traffic was accounting for 75% of the traffic up the peak. Because of this the automobile company was able to purchase the COG railway which turned out to be very smart because in 1936 the auto highway was turned over to the United State Forest Service. So it ended up that the car people were now the train people.

What has this got to do with running you ask? When the Forest Service took over the auto road it operated it as a free road. To celebrate this freedom a foot race was held running up the Barr Trail. With 25 men and 2 women taking on the challenge this race was twice the size of the starting field of the first Pike Sesquicentennial Marathon which would be held 20 years later. Take note of the winner of this race because he would play a key role in the 1956 event!

POS POS/DIV  NAME                      AGE  CITY             ST  ASCENT   ADJ ASC
  1    1/18  LOU WILLE                  24  COLORADO SPGS    CO  3:00:55  3:12:19 
  2    2/18  JIMMIE DONAHUE             33  COLORADO SPGS    CO  3:24:35  3:37:28 
  3    3/18  RICHARD MORECH                 GREEN MTN FALLS  CO  3:24:48  3:37:42 
  4    4/18  HARRY HILEMAN                  CRIPPLE CREEK    CO  3:26:31  3:39:32 
  5    5/18  DONALD MILLER                  MANITOU SPRINGS  CO  4:08:55  4:24:36 
  6    6/18  M H SCHRADER                                        4:14:10  4:30:11 
  7    7/18  ORION KOENIG                   WELLINGTON           4:15:46  4:31:53 
  8    8/18  ARTHUR GOSSAGE                 COLORADO SPGS    CO  4:15:47  4:31:54 
  9    9/18  WILLIAM J TALAMINE             COLORADO SPGS    CO  4:20:52  4:37:18 
 10   10/18  PHILLIP F CHILD                                     4:22:11  4:38:42 
 11   11/18  W A COCKSEY                                         4:24:04  4:40:42 
 12   12/18  WILLIE HOLLAND                                      4:31:04  4:48:09 
 13   13/18  JAMES KEATING                                       5:02:28  5:21:31 
 14   14/18  CLAUDE L FORD                  COLORADO SPGS    CO  5:11:55  5:31:34 
 15   15/18  WALTER HARMON                  PEYTON           CO  5:15:29  5:35:22 
 16   16/18  JOHN MAUCK                     COLORADO SPGS    CO  5:33:30  5:54:31 
 17   17/18  LESLIE GILBERT                 COLORADO SPGS    CO  5:41:45  6:03:17 
 18   18/18  C J DORYLAND               56  COLORADO SPGS    CO  5:45:00  6:06:44 

POS POS/DIV  NAME                      AGE  CITY             ST  ASCENT   ADJ ASC
  1     1/1  AGNES NELLESEN             21  COLORADO SPGS    CO  6:42:00  7:07:20 

Note: The race started by the COG depot so it was 1.1 miles shorter
than the current Pikes Peak Ascent which starts at the Manitou Springs
courthouse. This change took place in 1976. The adjustment time is for
comparisons only and was made by adding 6.3% to the Ascent time.
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